Volunteering with nspt

Volunteering at NSPT is a great opportunity to learn more about various therapies and see them in action! While assisting the clinic with various responsibilities, volunteers gain valuable insight into the day-to-day operations of a clinic.

We pride ourselves on our company culture which radiates positivity. You are encouraged to watch our culture video to learn more here.

Volunteers are expected to have a professional attitude and appearance. Clothing that is comfortable and professional is highly encouraged. No denim clothing or flip flops please.

While volunteering, students can obtain observation hours. We currently allow a maximum of 10 hours in total. Some clinics are able to provide more, but 10 hours of time is not guaranteed.

Volunteer requests get very busy during summer, spring, and winter breaks. Please reach out 3 weeks in advance to check on availability.

We cannot guarantee a specific clinic. Flexibility in your location selections and scheduling will increase your likelihood of joining us.

interested in volunteering with us? please complete the form to the right!