North Shore Pediatric Therapy Reading Center Details

The Evaluation Process:

  1. Each child meets with A Neuropsychologist for a consultation and, if necessary a full evaluation to establish the diagnosis of Dyslexia and rule out any other issues.
  2. Any previous testing conducted on the child will be utilized the evaluation process.

The Program: describe the image

  1. It is recommended that children attend the Reading Center 2 times a week to achieve maximum results.
  2. The sessions are one-on-one, giving your child focused attention on their reading needs in a positive environment.

Ongoing Support:

  1. Our Licensed and Certified Staff provides students with an individualized plan targeting each child's unique strenths and weaknesses.
  2. The Team Neuropsychologist will follow up with the family on a 6 month basis to establish a positive treatment outcome 


  1.  Each session costs $98 (ask the Reading Center Family-Child Advocate about insurance reimbursement when you call 877-486-4140)

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