Learning Disabilities In The Schools

Why The Waiting Game Fails Your Child:

One of the challenges with this condition is that many of the schools have gone to an RTI Modeldescribe the image (Response to Intervention) for reading. This means that they wait to see how a child responds to a normal classroom and if they fail, they move them to additional services, and if that fails, they move them to further intense services. Failing that, an evaluation is ordered.

In real life, this means that many children are not evaluated properly for several months to years and by that time there are major gaps in their learning and acquisition. We do know of several methods for remediating dyslexia, although they often involve multiple hours a week of tutoring on a one-on-one basis and some school systems are simply ill-equipped or unwilling to provide those types of services for children.

As of 2011:

  • Parents may not request educational testing until the child has failed to progress after repeated interventions


  • This model assumes no co-morbid factors (i.e. ADHD)
  • This model assumes the school has research-based interventions available to the child and staff to implement them
  • The gap has not widened in the intervening years

Many parents spend 1-2 years in the IEP (Individual Education Plan) process attempting to obtain needed services for their children and most schools offer methods of reading remediation that have not withstood scientific scrutiny.  Most children with developmental dyslexia can be brought to grade level in 24 months with proper assessment of their neurocognitive functioning and evidence-based remediation.

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