steve ward resized 600 Steve Ward, M.A., BCBA 

Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Whole Child Consulting, LLC

Steve has been working in the field of Behavior Analysis since 1995, and is currently co-owner of Whole Child Consulting, LLC.

Steve has been consulting to individuals, teams, schools and companies around the world. As the consultant and Lead Behavior Analyst for a center school, Steve conducted functional assessments, wrote behavior plans, and trained staff to address a wide range of behaviors. He has also designed programming for a wide variety of repertoires, including verbal behavior, daily living skills, and academics, and a host of others.

Steve authored What You Need to Know about Motivation and Teaching Games: An In-depth Analysis and co-authored The Inventory of Good Learner Repertoires. These publications reflect Steve’s passion not only for what students learn, but for the manner in which they learn it. Steve specializes in teaching social behaviors, incorporating knowledge from a variety of perspectives and remaining at all times behavioral in his own perspective.



teresa grimes resized 600Teresa Grimes, M.S., BCBA 

Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Whole Child Consulting, LLC

Teresa has been working with students of varying exceptionalities since 1991 and is now a consultant and co-owner of Whole Child Consulting, LLC.

 Teresa has served as classroom teacher, Special Education Department Head and served on her district Local Review Committee. In those capacities, she has been responsible for many aspects of assessment and programming. Teresa has worked with people between ages 2 and 60, helping individuals and teams build skills in all areas including academics, language, social and behavioral skills and life skills.

Terry has presented workshops to audiences across the world, and co-authored an assessment titled The Inventory of Good Learner Repertoires.
Teresa remains committed to discovery, aggressively seeking education in a variety of “methods”, such as Verbal Behavior, Precision Teaching, Direct Instruction, The Association Method, and The Rapid Prompt Method. Through all such pursuits, she retains a radical behavioral perspective, which helps her modify new teaching methodologies to meet the needs of any learner.


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