Therapeutic Approach at North Shore Pediatric Therapy


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Under the supervision of a BCBA, we offer support through the use of a behavior therapist who helps implements child specific plans to promote successful behavior in the classroom, successful transitions throughout the day, breaking down academic tasks into smaller components to ensure child success, and helping to teach child to initiate and maintain social relationships.


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Under the supervision of a BCBA, behavior therapists will come into the home and implement child specific programming created from each child’s skill and behavior assessment.  Skills and appropriate behavior are taught through discrete trials and natural environment programming.  We work with parents to on a consistent basis and teach them strategies and skills to promote a successful, fun, and healthy home environment.


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At the clinic, we use a multi-disciplinary approach where all disciplines are able to work together to teach skills most effectively to work on speech, motor skills, social skills, living Skills, transition skills, and planning skills.