North Shore Pediatric Therapy Diagnostic Process

An autism diagnostic evaluation consists of a comprehensive evaluation examining a child’s cognitive, academic, attentional, and social-emotional functioning.  The process of the evaluation is such that the parents will first participate in a clinical interview with the neuropsychologist.  After that the child will participate in formal testing in which various assessment measures are administered in order to provide clinical information regarding diagnostic clarification.  

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In addition, the parents and academic team (if available) will fill out report forms to provide in-depth information regarding the child’s social, emotional, and behavioral functioning in the home and classroom setting.  After all of this information is collected, the family will meet with the neuropsychologist a week or two later to go over the results of the testing and establish an appropriate diagnosis.  In addition, this meeting will serve as the framework of creating specific and practical interventions and accommodations within the home and school environment. 

The neuropsychologist will conduct follow-up evaluations every six to twelve months (depending on concerns) in order to monitor progress from the various interventions as well as help craft additional interventions and accommodations that would prove beneifical.