ABA-Landing-Page3.pngThe Early Developmental center for diagnostics and treatment

North Shore Pediatric Therapy's Hinsdale clinic is home to our Early Childhood Developmental Center for Diagnostics and Treatment for children on the spectrum.  Our Early Childhood Developmental Center provides a complete suite of ABA services and support for children and their families. 

In addition to our treatment rooms and gross motor space for reinforcement, our center includes expertly designed classrooms and therapeutic treatment rooms in order to create the most effective sessions for developing life, school and social skills.

Early diagnosis is important! It will help you

  • Understand the source of your child's strengths and challenges
  • Identify the right course of action
  • Receive a customized therapy plan from a neuropsychologist
  • Maximize your child's potential with early intervention

Assessment and Treatment

At the ABA Early Development Center, your child's BCBA will create an individualized treatment plan based on your child's specific needs as shown by your child's assessment results, parent narrative as well as any other providers working with your child.

Treatment can occur in the following settings

  • In Clinic
  • In Home
  • School
  • Other Community Settings
  • Any Combination of Settings

Your Expert Team

At the ABA Early Develpomental Center, your neuropsychologist and BCBA will work together to ensure a streamlined treatment program.  Additionally, your BCBA has on-going access to our Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapist teams for consultation.  

A typical team may include some or all of the following:

  • Pediatric Neuropsychologist 
  • BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst)
  • Behavior Therapists

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  • hinsdale-family lounge
    Family Lounge
  • hinsdale-family-lounge2
    Activities for siblings in the family lounge.
  • hinsdale-gym
    Hinsdale's spacious gym area.
  • hinsdale-neuropsych-room
    Neuropsychology room for intakes, feedbacks and testing.
  • hinsdale-preschool-prep
    Preschool prep room.

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